Eunoia/un langage muet

Eunoia/un langage muet

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Eunoia is an emerging dance company based in Brooklyn. Eunoia is made up of artists from diverse artistic disciplines, interested in pushing the boundaries of dance theatre. We are dedicated to making work collaboratively both within the dance world and across artistic disciplines.

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By manipulating formation, movement, shape, etc., our work invites audiences to join us in exploring the dynamics that shape dance. Although our work is not narrative, it is human. Dance is a physical art form and has the power to resonate with people on an instinctual level. Much of our movement is informed by shared emotional experiences and borrows from pedestrian gestures.

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Eunoia/un langage muet

Conservatoire, D’art Daramatique, Studio Multimedia
4750 Avenue Henri Julien


Sat June 13th at 7pm

SunJune 14th at 1:45pm

Mon June 15th at 6pm

Wens June 17th at 7:45pm

Sat June 20th at 7:15pm

Sun June 21st at 12pm

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