To Die in the Valley I've Loved

A dance on film and livestream

Film Adaptation presented at Slamdance 2021


An experimental movement piece, TO DIE IN THE VALLEY I’VE LOVED explores horror movies, their tropes, appeal, and the unique brand of escapism they offer.


A lone dancer moves between the roles of stalker, victim and voyeur, embodying the variety of experiences provided by scary movies.


To Die in the Valley I’ve Loved employs an algorithmically scrambled soundscape that triggers the accompanying text randomly.


In a live performance the dancer responds to the text with choreographed and improvised movement in real time making each live iteration of the piece unique.


Press kit

Directed by Koryn Wicks



Choreographed and performed by Koryn Wicks


Lighting design by Morgan Embry

Music and Creative Sound Design by Alex Lough

Produced by Koryn Wicks & Night Lights

Follow Camera Operator Brian Hashimoto

Production stills by Brian Hashimoto