Bushwick Open Studios 2015

Bushwick Open Studios 2015 Eunoia Dance Ex had its New York preview of TRIPD at Bushwick Open Studios this past Saturday (6/6/2015). Bushwick Open Studios is annual art festival in Brooklyn run by Arts in Brooklyn. During Bushwick Open Studios, artists residing in Bushwick (a neighborhood in Brooklyn) open their studio doors to the public.Continue reading “Bushwick Open Studios 2015”

DanceNOW at Joe’s Pub, Dorothy, Annie, and Maria

DanceNOW at Joe’s Pub, Dorothy, Annie, and Maria Last night I had the pleasure of attending DanceNOW’s presentation Dorothy, Annie, and Maria at Joe’s Pub. The show consisted of three works commissioned by DanceNOW over the past 10 years. The performance began with Nicholas Leichter Dances’ The Wiz, continued with The Bang Group’s Showdown, and endedContinue reading “DanceNOW at Joe’s Pub, Dorothy, Annie, and Maria”

The deal with Nerves

The deal with Nerves Last week, I got a call back for the National Tour of Mamma Mia! I was ecstatic. I’ve never been a big fan of musicals, however my love of Abba runs deep and so Mamma Mia is up there on my list of dream jobs. There was just one catch, for thisContinue reading “The deal with Nerves”

Dance with me, not on me

Dance with me, not on me Living in New York City sometimes feels like an experiment in claustrophobia. There are times when I get the impression that the city is testing the limits of my personal space; for example, as I jam myself onto the L train at rush hour, or find myself at my favorite restaurantContinue reading “Dance with me, not on me”

Struggle, Shannon Gillen, and “A Colored Image of the Sun”

Struggle, Shannon Gillen, and “A Colored Image of the Sun” Friday night, I went to Triskelion’s Aldous theatre to see Shannon Gillen’s “A Colored Image of the Sun.” Seeing the performance prompted me to post a piece I began writing after taking her class a couple of months ago… In November, I took a classContinue reading “Struggle, Shannon Gillen, and “A Colored Image of the Sun””

Liens et Lieux VIII

Liens et Lieux VIII Last weekend I had the pleasure of performing in Liens et Lieux VIII at the Théatre Gesù in Montreal. The performance was curated by Johanne Gour, artisitc director of  Liens et lieux, danse contemporaine marginale. For the event, I performed my solo America, the video of which is already posted onContinue reading “Liens et Lieux VIII”

My introduction to thangka painting

My introduction to thangka painting Life is suffering. There is a cause for suffering. The cause of suffering is attachment. This is one of the universal truths of Buddhism. I know this, not because I am a practitioner of Buddhism, but because I had the pleasure of attending a talk about thangka paintings at theContinue reading “My introduction to thangka painting”

Performing on Election Night

Performing on Election Night Last night, election night, I had the pleasure of participating in the pilot of the GHOST Series, a new presenting series organized by Pascal Rekoert, Associate Artistic Director of Jennifer Muller/The Works and Director of Flexicurve. The series took place at the Gershwin Hotel in Chelsea. Given that the series coincidedContinue reading “Performing on Election Night”


America The following link takes you to a video of a solo I choreographed to Allen Ginsberg’s iconic poem “America.” The poem was written in the 1950s in response to articles published in time magazine that described homosexuality as a form of psychosis. Ginsberg poem describes the author’s experience as an individual living in, yetContinue reading “America”