Ghosts in the Machine

An augmented reality ghost tour

GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE, COBB ESTATE is a site specific, immersive experience combining AR technology, dance on film and storytelling, delivered via smartphone app.


The experience invites participants to visit Cobb Estate, a hiking trail in Altadena with a history of paranormal sightings and unexplained phenomena. Listen to an eerie tale based on true events as the app leads you to the last remaining ruins of the estate. On the way, you’ll encounter spectral entities using the app’s AR interface.


Press Kit

This project was brought to life through a collaboration between Koryn Wicks and AR developer Lafiya Watson of Bad Chick Studios.


Lafiya Watson is a multidisciplinary artist specializing in XR design and development. Her work focuses on utilizing interactivity to create engaging games and storytelling experiences. 


Contributing artists include performance and movement capture by Audrey Rachelle, soundscape and score by Jonah Rosenberg, 3D animation and motion capture Braden Roy of Ferryman Collective and videography and editing byTina Soal. 

Accessing the Experience

Link to TestFlight App


iPhone users can access the App through TestFlight, Apple’s service for installation and testing of mobile applications.


The TestFlight app must be installed in order to access the Ghosts in the Machine App.


Once installed, you can download the Ghosts in the Machine App. Be sure to download the most up-to-date version of the app.


Download for Android


Android users can download the app directly.


After downloading open with “Android Package Installer,” or another APK installer. 


You may need to update permissions in order to install the .apk file. Info on how to update permissions.



Download the .apk file


Open with Package Installer