CASTING at the

Casting is an intimate immersive experience combining dance, theater and interactive media.
Information and tickets:


580 Gilpin Street, Denver CO


Thurs, Nov 9th – Sat, Nov 11th

Tickets available at:


CASTING invites a small audience of up to 12 participants to see whether they have that star power it takes to book the big gig. 


Absurd and poignant, CASTING invites attendees to explore the choices we make when we want to stand out and those we make when we want to connect. 

CASTING was created for the 2019 LA Immersive Invitational, a festival that challenges creators to create new, immersive work in the span of 48 hours.


Under the artistic direction of Koryn Wicks, the original collaborators included a diverse group of artists working in immersive design, performance and technology. This unique piece left a lasting impression on festival attendees and organizers.

When you do a pop-up festival you don’t expect to discover something both beautiful and poignant, but that’s exactly what we watched Casting become in the span of a few days. Surrealistically satirical, this riff on the Hollywood casting process feels like that dream you had, you know the one. At least this time you’re not in only in your underwear.

Noah NelsonNo Proscenium & Co-Organizer of The Los Angeles Immersive Invitational (2019)

Immersive details:

Casting is an in-person, participatory experience, audience members should plan to be active participants during the entire, 20-30min duration of the performance. Active participation includes being physically present and moving through space. The intensity and scale of physical activity during the experience can be determined by a given audience member’s ability. 


Audiences will engage in dialogue with actors and participate in moderate (familial) physical touch with performers.  


Any persons with questions about participatory elements and/or accommodations are encouraged to reach out to the production at korynwicks@gmail.com.

The team behind CASTING:

Created by Koryn Wicks


Text by Sam Alper


Lighting Design by Morgan Embry


Sound and Interactive Video designed by Alex Lough


Vocal Performance by Kira Dills-DeSurra


Dance Performances by Caroline Sharkey & Koryn Wicks

Original collaborators:

Sam Alper, Hanah Davenport, Morgan Embry, Alex Lough, Sami Flores