An intimate, immersive experience

CASTING invites a small audience of up to 12 participants to see whether they have that star power it takes to book the big gig. 


Absurd and poignant, CASTING is an intimate, immersive experience that invites attendees to explore the choices we make when we want to stand out and those we make when we want to connect. 


The experience combines theater, dance and  interactive sound and video design.

"Winning the Grand Prize at the 2019 LA Immersive Invitational, CASTING came together within just 48 hours. You would never know it. The design choices are thoughtfully, artfully crafted; the production feels cohesive and complete... [CASTING] leverages the bizarre particulars of auditioning resulting in an experience full of humor, heart, and catharsis. While the production will resonate most with current or former performers, it’s a joyful reprieve for everyone. The show is self-aware, welcoming, and offers a specific kind of play.

CASTING was originally created during the 2019 Los Angeles Immersive Invitational produced by After Hours Theater Company. The L.A. Immersive Invitational is a 48hr festival that gives immersive artists 48h hours to create new immersive work. The original collaborators on CASTING include Sam Alper, Hanah Davenport, Morgan Embry, Sami Flores, & Alex Lough.