To Die in the Valley I've Loved

Livestream |Dance on Film

Film Adaptation presented at Slamdance 2021

An experimental movement piece, To Die in the Valley I’ve Loved explores horror movies, their tropes, appeal, and the unique brand of escapism they offer.

A lone dancer moves between the roles of stalker, victim and voyeur, embodying the variety of experiences provided by scary movies.

To Die in the Valley I’ve Loved employs an algorithmically scrambled soundscape that triggers the accompanying text randomly.

In a live performance the dancer responds to the text with choreographed and improvised movement in real time making each live iteration of the piece unique.

Press kit

Once Upon a Time by SHAED

Music Video

The Polaroid Project

Interactive Dance on Film

An intimate immersive experience encouraging embodied audience interaction with dance over a digital platform.

Conceived, choreographed and performed by Koryn Wicks

Musical accompaniment composed and performed by Hanah Davenport

Interactive video system by Nick Duckwiler in collaboration with Koryn Wicks

Web platform by Nick Duckwiler

Sound Engineering by Alex Lough

You can check out the full piece here.

I love you so much, SQUEEZE ME TO DEATH

Immersive Dance

Presented at Slamdance DiG 2019


An immersive dance performance with interactive video and sound installations, exploring the ways we lose ourselves loving others.


I love you so much, SQUEEZE ME TO DEATH has been presented at Highways Performance Space, The Bootleg Theater and Slamdance DIG.


Interactive video installations by Koryn Wicks


Interactive sound installations by Alex Lough


Light Design by Morgan Embry


Text by Samuel Alper


Music by Jonah Rosenberg

Embodied Ecology

Dance & Technology

Presented at Body of Knowledge (conference) 2018


Presented at  Mind Body Centering Conference 2019


Interdisciplinary projects between the arts and sciences can foster education about climate change by appealing to logic and emotion. Embodied Ecology combines Koryn Wicks’ research in dance and augmented performance with research by marine biologist, Piper Wallingford to create an embodied representation of climate change.


Interactive video by by Koryn Wicks

Text by Piper Wallingford


Music by Borey Shin

Performed by Chelsea Asman, Heather Eilerts, Olivia Stroud



It Probably Is Amber


Music by Borey Shin

Text by Sam Alper, in excerpt from “Your Hair is Longer than the Story of My Life”

Performed by Rachel Wu, Greyson Hanson, Alyssa Taylor, Nathan Olivas, Oscar Manzo and Jemima Choong