Bushwick Open Studios 2015

Bushwick Open Studios 2015

Kathleen Dycaico at our TRIPD workshop June 2015

Kathleen Dycaico at our TRIPD workshop June 2015

Eunoia Dance Ex had its New York preview of TRIPD at Bushwick Open Studios this past Saturday (6/6/2015). Bushwick Open Studios is annual art festival in Brooklyn run by Arts in Brooklyn. During Bushwick Open Studios, artists residing in Bushwick (a neighborhood in Brooklyn) open their studio doors to the public. Bushwick Open Studios serves to provide a platform for creative minds in the community of Bushwick and to work towards an integrated and sustainable neighborhood through arts programming, creative  accessibility, and community organizing.

Eunoia Dance Ex participated in R&D Studios’ day long event. R&D Studios is run/curated by Diana Mino a photographer, musician/composer, event planner, cook, mixologist and overall bad ass. It is an intimate performance space that blends arts appreciation with a raucous good time.

We ran our TRIPD workshop leading up to the performance and through this program had 7 guest artists perform with us. The energy in the room was electric and we got a tone of positive feedback from both audience and guests artists. A special thank you to Hailey Morgan who stepped into Alex Jenkins shoes and danced with us.

The bill included a whole bunch of talented artists and performers including the wild art of Jarid Blumenthal (a couple of prints were purchased by yours truly), the explosive music of big band BOMBRASSTICO and the poetry of Kiely Sweatt.

We are looking very forward to repeating this process in Montreal. So join us at Studio Bizz next week June 9-11th! Or catch any of our six shows starting on June 13th!

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