Studio Bizz, our home away from home


I am very pleased to announce that Eunoia Dance Ex will be conducting our TRIPD workshops in collaboration with Studio Bizz during our run at the Montreal Fringe!

Studio Bizz‘ state of the art studios have been providing creative space to artists in Montreal since 1988. We feel very lucky to count them as a creative partner in our run at the Fringe.

Check out the announcement below for more information about our workshops in Montreal:



TRIPD Workshop, May 2015, NY Photo credit: Shane Velazquez

TRIPD Workshop, March 2015, NY
Photo credit: Shane Velazquez

Eunoia Dance Ex (E.D.E.) is holding an open workshop for emerging dance artists in Montreal. This workshop is being offered in collaboration with Studio Bizz.

The workshop will take place June 9th, 10th, and 11th from 12pm-6pm at Studio Bizz, 551 avenue du Mont-Royal Est, Montréal, Québec, H2J 1W6.

TRIPD is an improv score for dance, flute, and piano. The workshop will include a full warm up, in depth exploration of the movement vocabulary specific to TRIPD, learning the structure of TRIPD, and some repertory. After the workshop, select dancers will be invited to join us during our 6-performance run at the Montreal Fringe.

Fringe Performances take place on:

Tech: Friday June 12th 2-5pm

Saturday June 13th at 7pm

Sunday June 14th at 1:45pm

Monday June 15th at 6pm

Wednesday June 17th at 7:45pm

Saturday June 20th at 7:15pm

Sunday June 21st at 12pm

E.D.E. is committed to strengthening bonds between the dance communities. This performance model offers young dancers performance opportunities at low-cost and low-commitment, while giving us the opportunity to engage in a meaningful exchange with young dancers. E.D.E. believes that fostering collaboration is vital to our growth as a company and to young dancers embarking on their professional journey.

For more information and to register please contact:

Also, feel free to visit our website at

TRIPD Workshop Bruchure


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